Special Announcements

If the Cape has a current or scheduled water disruption they will be posted here.

2/14/21 – 2/20/21

Our maintenance staff at CCWSC worked throughout the weekends and week to ensure that the plant stayed operational.  We are very fortunate in this community to have a dedicated Maintenance team who stayed during the night and worked non-stop through the below freezing temperatures to keep our cut-off valves and blowdowns from freezing up.  It took major man-hours and dedication to provide continuous water service to the Cape with only minor disruptions.  The maintenance staff also surveyed each home and lot to look for visible leaks and turned off water meters for those properties and notifying property owners of the situation.  They also provided meter shut offs as requested by property owners who were not in the Cape or were unable to turn off their own meter.   Many communities around us have had no water or are on boil water notices.  We are proud to say that Cape Carancahua was not one of those communities.